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Deal Or No Deal…. That Is The Question …Bloomberg Condemns Reforms To NYC Letter Grade System

In a press conference that took place on Monday August 19th, 2013, the purported deal struck between the City Council and the Health Department over the NYC Restaurant Letter Grade System, became more of a mystery. Reports began coming in over the weekend.  Some said the changes were proposed, and had yet to go before […]

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Top 5 Proposed Changes To The NYC Letter Grade System

1. Fines that were previously set at the discretion of the hearing officer, and could cost the restaurant owner up to $2000 will be set at a fixed $200 per violation;  60% of all violations fall into this category 2. most commonly issued violations will be reduced from 15%-50% 3. Food service establishments that receive […]

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NYC Health Department Inspections Cause “Suit In The City”

NYC Food Service Restaurants slam the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)with $150 million lawsuit alleging that violations issued during health department inspections were excessive and unjust. Causing a loss of business for restaurants while raising revenue for the City. Owners of 40 Restaurants filed a complaint in New York State Supreme Court in […]

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