2019 Food Waste Fair

The US restaurant industry generates 11.4 million tons of food waste every. NYC restaurants, caterers, hotels and grocers are responsible for producing over 400,000 tons of food waste every year. Anyone interested in reducing food waste, such as chefs, grocery store owners, street vendors, restaurant and fast food operators, manufacturers, wholesalers, and building and custodial […]

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For months, restaurants, café’s and bars in NYC have been selling CBD infused foods and drinks, based on a federal law that made Hemp products easier to sell. Or so they thought… The confusion sparked controversy, when a routine DOH (Department of Health) inspection on February 4th, led to CBD infused cookies to be embargoed at […]

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NYC’s New Lactation Laws…. Effective March 17th, 2019

The City of New York has imposed stricter requirements on ALL employers by amending the administrative code of the City of New York, in order to expand protections for nursing mothers. Here’s the breakdown… NYC Local Law No. 185 NYC employers with 4 or more employees must make “reasonable efforts” to provide a “lactation room”, […]

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Hair discrimination is now illegal in New York City

New York City unveiled new legislature to racial discrimination directed at hairstyles in school, at work, and in public places. New York’s City Commission will now be able to fines of up to $250,000 in cases where New York residents have experienced discrimination based on their appearances — particularly their hair. The Commission may also […]

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86 tons of Boston Market frozen meals recalled

About 86 tons worth of Boston Market’s boneless pork rib patties were recalled because they may be contaminated with pieces of glass or hard plastic. Read the full story

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Navigating NYC Department of Health Tribunals

All food service establishments, including restaurants, bars, and mobile food vendors subject to the Letter Grade System, can receive two cycle inspections from the NYC Department of Health. Although the ultimate goal is to get 13 points or less on the initial inspection (and post that “A”), all is not over if that doesn’t happen. […]

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NYC’s Foam Ban Is Here

Despite opposition and lawsuits, NYC’s Foam Ban on single-use foam products has gone into effect January 1st 2019. Here Are 5 things you need to know: All food service establishments located or operating within the 5 Boroughs of NYC cannot, use, have, sell, or offer foam food service items. The Following Items are Banned * […]

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Mobile Food Vendors and The Letter Grade System

In 2010, ALL food service establishments operating in NYC were subject to the Letter Grade System. There are 5500 mobile food vendors in NYC that prepare food, and serve it to the public every day, just like restaurants, but with less tools to ensure food safety.  The System when implemented, didn’t apply to them… until now. The […]

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Compliance Isn’t A Four Letter Word

Compliance Isn’t A Four Letter Word

When we launched Letter Grade Consulting, our goal was to help operators navigate the newly enacted Letter Grade System. We received a lot of press, publications like Crain’s, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Besides understanding the types of services we would be providing, reporters wanted to interview clients, to get their feedback. […]

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4 Halloween Foodsafety Tips

4 Halloween Food Safety Tips Released By The U.S Food & Drug Administration to Keep Our Children Safe This Halloween. Make sure kids eat before they go trick- or- treating to prevent snacking on candy before it’s inspected. Tell children not to accept anything that is not commercially wrapped; If your child has food allergies, check labels to […]

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