Here are some common ones we frequently get asked (FAQ). If you don’t see what you’re looking for CONTACT  US and we will be sure to answer all your questions and concerns. And if we get a question more than once, we will add it here. So ask away!

What are mock inspections / 3rd party audits and how often should I have my restaurant inspected?

There is no requirement.  Depends how often our Clients want them.  Some do once a month, some every week, and some every three months.  We recommend monthly inspections.  Based on experience, we believe that monthly inspections are most beneficial.  Our inspectors perform a comprehensive  review of your food service operation.  Having our inspectors check your kitchens on a monthly basis, will reduce risk of potential violations, ensure proper equipment maintenance, save on costs by reducing food spoilage and unnecessary fines, promote food safety awareness, increase profits, and take out the element of surprise come DOH inspection time.  And to show our appreciation, Clients that enroll monthly , get other services included in that price.

Why every month?

Because things change, employees change, new/different violations occur, its difficult to keep a kitchen violation free without proper guidance and because people/employees get comfortable.  Monthly mock inspections will KEEP your establishment “Inspection Ready”.

I have an “A” letter grade, why do I need mock inspections / 3rd party audits?

This may come as a surprise, but majority of our Clients come to us with A letter grades. Why? Because they understand the importance of keeping them.

When will the Department of Health visit me next? Is there a schedule?

Yes, every establishment is on an “inspection cycle”.  Your inspection cycle starts from the date of your first (“initial”) inspection.  The total amount of points you received during that inspection determines the date when the DOH will be back.  For example if you received 14 points (equivalent to a “B” grade) in the month of June, besides the reinspection, which occurs 7-14 days from that date.  You are on a “B” cycle, your next inspection can be anytime between 7-9 months from June..

I had my first Department of Health inspection, received fines and a settlement offer. The offer is less, should I just settle?

NO! and YES those were shouting capitals.  It is always better to fight, then to accept a settlement.  However, there are those rare instances when violations cannot be fought.  The best thing to do is ask your Attorney. We can assist you in reducing your score and the amount of your fines.

How much do 3rd party audits cost? Aren’t they expensive? Anytime I hear the word Attorney/Consultant I know its going to be expensive!

Our prices vary based on the size of your kitchen, our monthly audits  can cost as little as $8 a day for a very small kitchen, but most fall into a range of $10- $12 per day.  Do you know what the price of a “B” letter grade on your door is, according to one of our Clients, about a 30% decrease in revenue.  You do the math!

I was given a letter grade card and a grade pending card. What do I put on my window, if I’m waiting for a hearing?

Always display the Grade Pending while waiting for a hearing.

Do I have to attend the Tribunal Hearing?

The answer is No, if  however  you have nothing better to do, we would love your company. An attorney will represent your interests at the Tribunal, meaning that your presence is not necessary.  In fact we encourage our Clients not to come, that’s our job!

I am opening up a restaurant, I have an H-25 permit, can I start serving food immediately?

The answer is No.  There are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to be operational.  The specific steps that need to be taken may vary, that is why  you need to contact us.  We will answer any questions that you may have..(well almost any)

What type of establishments do you service?

Any establishment that serves food to the public  is subject to the letter grade system, we service all of them.   Our clients include hotels, corporate cafeterias, restaurants of every size, coffee shops, athletic facilities, golf clubs, theaters, schools universities, and mobile food vendors.  Presently we service only the NYC area.

Is there a cost for consultations?