#FoamBanDespite opposition and lawsuits, NYC’s Foam Ban on single-use foam products will go into effect by January 2019.

Here Are 5 things you need to know:

  1. All food service establishments located or operating within the 5 Boroughs of NYC cannot, use, have, sell, or offer foam food service items
  2. Banned items
    * polystyrene foam single service items – cups, bowls, plates, take-out containers and trays
    * “Packing peanuts”- polystyrene loose filling
  3. Exceptions
    * Expanded polystyrene containers used for prepackaged food, filled and sealed before they were received
    * Expanded polystyrene containers used to store raw meat, pork, fish, seafood or poultry sold from a butcher case or similar retail appliance.
  4. Alternatives to foam packaging include paper, plastic, aluminum and other biodegradable products. Contact your packaging distributor for details.
  5. Nonprofits and small businesses with revenue less than $500,000 in gross income could apply for hardship exemptions from The Department of Small Businesses Services (SBS)

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