Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 03:08 pm

NYC's New legislation “Dining Out NYC” will allow sidewalk dining year-round and allow roadway dining for eight months a year.NYC Makes Outdoor Dining Permanent with “Dining Out NYC”

Mayor Adams has signed off on legislation originally introduced by NY City Council in July, creating the most expansive and exceptional permanent outdoor dining initiatives in the United States.

Named ‘Dining Out NYC”, The permanent program builds upon the invaluable insights gained from the temporary Open Restaurants Program, aiming to enhance the accessibility, safety, and allure of outdoor dining experiences.

As the covid pandemic wreaked havoc on our city and our industry, the temporary Open Restaurants program was a lifeline.  It expanded outdoor opportunities, allowed restaurants to remain open, brought life to our streets and communities, gave New Yorkers a safe place to meet with friends and family, and forced us to reimagine our public spaces.

The Breakdown

“Dining Out NYC” :

  1. Will provide clear guidelines for restaurants wanting to participate
  2. Extends sidewalk dining throughout the year to residents of all boroughs.
  3. Permits roadway dining from April 1st – November 29th eight months a year, the program will also permit dining on roadways, providing a unique and vibrant dining experience for New Yorkers.
  4. Be managed by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), who will oversee the Program, ensuring its smooth implementation and success.
  5. Give first time violators 30 days to correct noncompliance before issuing a violation.

Visit the Dining Out NYC FAQ’s page for more information, details, and next steps.

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