We at LGC believe that a preemptive approach is the only approach.  Although we do assist establishments in resolving their violations, and offer attorney representation at tribunal hearings, our main goal is to save the restaurant owner’s money ,time and reputation by providing services/solutions that would allow them to be what we call “inspection ready”.
We offer various programs based on the immediate needs of our Clients, and the size of their establishments.  Whether we are a servicing a corporate cafeteria, a restaurant chain, an upscale restaurant or a local eatery our goal is always the same, get the “A” and maintain it.  The various services we offer are geared specifically towards achieving that goal.

Mock Health Inspections

  • Performed by former Health Dept. Inspectors
  • Pre-opening and operational inspections

Compliance with Article 81 of NYC Food Code

  • Preparation of Certified HAACP Plans
  • H-25 Permit  Filing/ Renewal
  • Blue Print Review


  • Attorney Representation at OATH
  • Challenge Health Inspection Results
  • Appeal OATH decisions
  • Reopen defaults/missed hearings
  • We also handle Appeals


  • On site employee training seminars
  • Customized group size and material covered