Early detection reduces risk, promotes accountability among staff , decreases cost and increases profits.

Designed to go above and beyond DOH rules, our goal is to make sure BOH is inspection ready every day and not just when a DOH cycle inspection is on the horizon.

At the core of our program is the mock health inspection.

Performed by former Health Department inspectors, our mock inspections are a comprehensive, independent review of your food service operation.

They are designed to-

  • ensure that all DOH requirements are met so that operations can commence without any unnecessary delays, for establishments that have not yet opened for business;
  • identify malfunctioning equipment;
  • recognize improper food storage, or prep procedures that could lead to potential violations;
  • help you understand the underlying causes of the violations/food safety problems
  • recognize staff that may need additional training
  • eliminate the element of surprise
  • allow staff to understand the process.

Within 48 hours our Clients receive a comprehensive report which includes a detailed summary of the inspection, along with instructions/recommendations for correcting violations without disruption of their established practices.

Being proactive, is the difference between cramming for a test the night before hoping for the best and not even studying because you did the work every day.

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