For months, restaurants, café’s and bars in NYC have been selling CBD infused foods and drinks, based on a federal law that made Hemp products easier to sell. Or so they thought… The confusion sparked controversy, when a routine DOH (Department of Health) inspection on February 4th, led to CBD infused cookies to be embargoed at […]

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Mobile Food Vendors and The Letter Grade System

In 2010, ALL food service establishments operating in NYC were subject to the Letter Grade System. There are 5500 mobile food vendors in NYC that prepare food, and serve it to the public every day, just like restaurants, but with less tools to ensure food safety.  The System when implemented, didn’t apply to them… until now. The […]

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Food Service Permits: Navigating In NYC

When it comes to the rules of food service permits in New York City, the Department of Health requires all food service establishments serving food to the public to have a standard operational permit (H-25). Once a space has an H-25, it must comply with article 81 of the NYC Health Code, which requires (among other things) […]

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