For months, restaurants, café’s and bars in NYC have been selling CBD infused foods and drinks, based on a federal law that made Hemp products easier to sell. Or so they thought… The confusion sparked controversy, when a routine DOH (Department of Health) inspection on February 4th, led to CBD infused cookies to be embargoed at […]

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NYC’s Foam Ban Is Here

Despite opposition and lawsuits, NYC’s Foam Ban on single-use foam products has gone into effect January 1st 2019. Here Are 5 things you need to know: All food service establishments located or operating within the 5 Boroughs of NYC cannot, use, have, sell, or offer foam food service items. The Following Items are Banned * […]

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Food Service Permits: Navigating In NYC

When it comes to the rules of food service permits in New York City, the Department of Health requires all food service establishments serving food to the public to have a standard operational permit (H-25). Once a space has an H-25, it must comply with article 81 of the NYC Health Code, which requires (among other things) […]

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Ice Machines: What Every Food Service Operator Needs To Know

Believe it or not, the FDA defines ice as “food”. As such, ice contaminated by bacteria, mold and viruses can spread illness just like any other food when handled by staff or consumed by diners. Ice from contaminated ice machines is one of the most common Health Code violations, a violation that could potentially lead […]

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Food Temperature Violations: Using Time As A Control

Temperature is a critical violation that is taken seriously by inspectors. Proper temperature is a big deal for good reason. Food that is out of temperature can result in a “B” grade, render food unsafe to eat and lead to closure. Food must NEVER be out unless in active use or being cooked. “In use” means […]

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Since When Is “Passing” Good Enough?

Growing up in my house, a passing grade was never good enough. Passing meant you just made it, there was no effort, you could have done better but you didn’t try, you didn’t prepare. And maybe, on some rare occasions that wasn’t true, but most of the time it was. Although getting a letter grade […]

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NYC’s New Business Recycling Rules

The rules of commercial recycling have changed.  As of August 1st 2017, the Department of Sanitation has officially started enforcement of those rules. Businesses now have the primary burden to properly separate recyclables and make arrangements for their collection.  In addition, they must- Contract with a private carter and devise a plan; Obtain registration if […]

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Letter Grades may be coming to the streets of NYC

Food trucks and carts are subject to inspections by the Department of health, however unlike restaurants the results are not posted for public view. That is about to change … The City Council unanimously voted in favor of bill number 1456 that will require food trucks and carts to adhere to the letter grade system […]

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New Health Warning As of January 1st 2016, Sec. 81.11 of the New York Health Code mandates that all food service establishments serving meat,fish, molluscan shellfish or unpasteurized raw shell eggs raw or undercooked (prepared below a temperture required by the Code) must include specific written  language on their menus. Old Health Warning Although warnings were always […]

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The NYC Department of Health requires every food service establishment to post a sign along with a non smoking policy. The sign now includes E-cigarette language.  Although non compliance does not carry any violation points, money fines will be assessed. Download both the sign and the language below and post immediately. Make sure that the sign is printed with a color […]

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