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NYC Uses Review Sites and Social Media Platforms to ID Foodborne Illness

Since 2012, the Department of Health has been using a machine learning algorithm jointly created by Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science and New York City’s Department of Health to track instances of foodborne illness based on keywords found in Yelp restaurant reviews.   “On line restaurant review sites are popular and many people are more […]

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New Health Warning As of January 1st 2016, Sec. 81.11 of the New York Health Code mandates that all food service establishments serving meat,fish, molluscan shellfish or unpasteurized raw shell eggs raw or undercooked (prepared below a temperture required by the Code) must include specific written  language on their menus. Old Health Warning Although warnings were always […]

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A mock inspection is an unannounced inspection simulated to recreate a Department of Health (DOHMH) Inspection. Why is it important for restaurants and all food service establishments to get independent mock inspections every month? We get asked this question all the time… Besides the fact that they are the key to that coveted “A” letter grade […]

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5 Ways To Help Prevent Cross Contamination In Food Service Establishments

Preventing cross contamination is critical in preventing food borne illness .  The Following are five ways to keep your restaurants free of violations and your patrons safe: 1. Any surface that comes into contact with food must be cleaned.  In order to properly clean food contact surfaces remember to: wash sanitize dry 2. All wiping […]

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5 Changes To Inspection Fines Every Restaurant Operator Needs To Know About

1. Fines for violations are now fixed: All violations have set fines listed in the NYC DOH Penalty Schedule. 2.  Hearing examiners will no longer determine fines at hearings. 3. The hearing examiner at the (OATH ) Health Tribunal, will only decide whether to uphold a certain violation. 4.  Fine Waiver – If ALL of the following conditions […]

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Turkey ..With A Side Of Salmonella?!

Thanksgiving is here…how are we going to cook the turkey this year? Should we try deep frying? How about some new sides? Since sriracha is the new black..could we add it to one of our dishes? How about salty caramel ice cream for desert? So many things to consider..So many exciting new dishes to try. […]

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According To The NYC Health Code …Wearing Gloves Is Not Required..!?!?

Hand Washing & Glove Use for Food Workers – Questions and Answers   Q. What is the main reason for washing hands and not touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands? A. The main reason for not touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands is to prevent viruses and bacteria that are present in your body from […]

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