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Letter Grades may be coming to the streets of NYC

Food trucks and carts are subject to inspections by the Department of health, however unlike restaurants the results are not posted for public view. That is about to change … The City Council unanimously voted in favor of bill number 1456 that will require food trucks and carts to adhere to the letter grade system […]

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5 Facts About Accepting Settlements For Restaurant Inspection Violations

Accepting a settlement in order to pay a reduced fine for a violation received during a DOH Inspection is the same as pleading guilty. Restaurant operators accepting a settlement, cannot request a hearing. Even if a settlement offer was not received by mail, you may still be able to settle without having to see a Settlement Officer, by […]

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5 Changes To Inspection Fines Every Restaurant Operator Needs To Know About

1. Fines for violations are now fixed: All violations have set fines listed in the NYC DOH Penalty Schedule. 2.  Hearing examiners will no longer determine fines at hearings. 3. The hearing examiner at the (OATH ) Health Tribunal, will only decide whether to uphold a certain violation. 4.  Fine Waiver – If ALL of the following conditions […]

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10 Things You Need To Know About NYC Oath Health Tribunals:

In the event that an inspection leads to violations, you will get a letter in the mail offering a settlement for a smaller amount.  DO NOT automatically accept settlements.   Although there are some violations that cannot be fought, based on our experience, defending the violations at a hearing will often result in a reduction of […]

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