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Why Do NYC Restaurants Have A Letter Grade System?

The Letter Grade System was enacted to decrease foodborne illness, promote sanitary practices and create transparency for diners. While the Letter Grade System has achieved those goals since its inception, fines for violations have created additional financial burdens for many NYC restaurant operators already battling an extremely competitive environment. Preventing violations is key… Know the Rules […]

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Food Temperature Violations: Using Time As A Control

Temperature is a critical violation that is taken seriously by inspectors. Proper temperature is a big deal for good reason. Food that is out of temperature can result in a “B” grade, render food unsafe to eat and lead to closure. Food must NEVER be out unless in active use or being cooked. “In use” means […]

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Avoid Cross Contamination On Your Cutting Boards

Recent reports claim that 80% of store bought chicken is contaminated with Salmonella…. Yummy! …Not!!! Cross contamination is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness and cutting boards are a major culprit.  Keeping that chicken separate from vegetables is not only a good idea it could be a life saving one. Choosing the right board, […]

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“The Exposed Pipe Violation” – The Not so Common…Common DOHMH Violation

“Uninsulated exposed overhead pipes observed above a dishwasher in the basement”. “Uninsulated exposed overhead pipes observed above a reach-in freezer and 2-door refrigerator in the kitchen”. You have been operating for years and never received this violation…until you did. Sound familiar? Now what? Most of our Clients first turn to their architects. Their architect swears these […]

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NYC’s New Business Recycling Rules

The rules of commercial recycling have changed.  As of August 1st 2017, the Department of Sanitation has officially started enforcement of those rules. Businesses now have the primary burden to properly separate recyclables and make arrangements for their collection.  In addition, they must- Contract with a private carter and devise a plan; Obtain registration if […]

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New NYC Calorie Labeling Requirements For Chain Food Establishments

As per the NYC Health Code’s calorie labeling requirements, all chain restaurants must now post new information statements and change the way some calorie information is posted. If you have 15 or more food service locations under the same name, you are considered a chain restaurant. While the FDA will not begin enforcement of similar […]

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New Health Warning As of January 1st 2016, Sec. 81.11 of the New York Health Code mandates that all food service establishments serving meat,fish, molluscan shellfish or unpasteurized raw shell eggs raw or undercooked (prepared below a temperture required by the Code) must include specific written  language on their menus. Old Health Warning Although warnings were always […]

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The NYC Department of Health requires every food service establishment to post a sign along with a non smoking policy. The sign now includes E-cigarette language.  Although non compliance does not carry any violation points, money fines will be assessed. Download both the sign and the language below and post immediately. Make sure that the sign is printed with a color […]

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A mock inspection is an unannounced inspection simulated to recreate a Department of Health (DOHMH) Inspection. Why is it important for restaurants and all food service establishments to get independent mock inspections every month? We get asked this question all the time… Besides the fact that they are the key to that coveted “A” letter grade […]

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Deal Or No Deal…. That Is The Question …Bloomberg Condemns Reforms To NYC Letter Grade System

In a press conference that took place on Monday August 19th, 2013, the purported deal struck between the City Council and the Health Department over the NYC Restaurant Letter Grade System, became more of a mystery. Reports began coming in over the weekend.  Some said the changes were proposed, and had yet to go before […]

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